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Latest TV Interview: Dain Heer on FOX 26 News Houston!

Dr. Dain Heer gives tips and tools for overcoming depression and developing gratitude for being alive.

What else is possible for all of us and creating a different future?


Access Consciousness allows you to change anything you cannot change and create everything you desire in a different and easier way.

We have thousands of classes and events on every topic imaginable in more than 170 countries with over 3,000 facilitators around the world! What are you looking for?

There are two things that will change anything in your life, choice and Access Bars. Discover the simple body process that is changing the world.

A Sense of Peace and Possibility

During the month of September, in honor of World Suicide Awareness Month, facilitators and practitioners of Access Bars® will be hosting events all around the world and opening their doors for anyone looking for a different possibility, or a spark of hope, to come and receive a COMPLIMENTARY ACCESS BARS SESSION.

19 years after it saved his life, Dr. Dain Heer, co-creator of Access Consciousness, hopes these FREE sessions will ignite optimism, happiness, and greatness in those who have fallen into despair;

“It changed my whole life. This is the experience I would like to share with you all!”



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